In this year, we go through over 10 rails projects. Rails is a awesome framework design for web development. And the community grows stronger.

In the initial stage, we often reconstruct and redesign db schema on our projects, because we found feature related gems in our troubleshooting process.

So we just collect those gems we ever found and felt awesome after trying. Hope other rails developers can easily to find useful gems before starting development. This list called "rails-gem-list".

Now this gem have those sections as below:

  • User
  • Active Record
  • Plugins
  • API
  • File Upload
  • Search
  • Scheduled/Recurrence Jobs
  • View Helper
  • Environment Variables
  • Admin Panel
  • Logging
  • Debug
  • Coding Style
  • Testing
  • Production


If you feel useful for your, please give us your star. :D