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Setting phpmyadmin on Amazon EC2

cd /var/www/html  # change to html folder

wget http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/phpmyadmin/phpMyAdmin/

tar -jxf phpMyAdmin-  # unzip
mv phpMyAdmin- phpmyadmin  # rename the folder to phpmyadmin or you wanted
rm -rf phpMyAdmin-3.4.1-all-languages.tar.bz2  # remove the zip file
sudo yum install php-mysql # to avoid the error "Cannot load mysql extension. Please check your PHP configuration" as below image
sudo yum install php-mcrypt
sudo service httpd restart

 Direct to http://YOUR_SERVER_IP/phpmyadmin/setup/index.php to create a new server

After that, you can login with root/root by default on http://your_server_ip/phpmyadmin.

reference from: http://calebogden.com/wordpress-on-linux-in-the-amazon-cloud-with-mac/