# creating app on heroku need to with --stack cedar for rails 3.2 and ruby 1.9.3

heroku create  # create a new app on heroku

heroku login

heroku keys:add ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub  # upload the public key to heroku server for uploading permission

heroku run rake db:migrate

git push heroku master # upload your project on git repository to heroku

heroku logs

heroku ps

heroku run rake db:seed # initialize db if requires it

heroku run rake db:setup # combine db:seed and db:migrate

heroku restart # restart app if makes any changes
heroku db:push # push local db to server db
heroku config # to see all environment configuration about your app
heroku config:add TZ=Taiwan/Taipei  # change your time zone on heroku app

# add "gem 'pg'" to gemfile

# add "gem 'thin'" to gemfile for more strong web server, not webrick

# uncomment gem 'therubyracer' for more supported runtime

# set "config.assets.compile = true" on # config/environments/production.rb

reference: http://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/rails3http://railsapps.github.com/rails-heroku-tutorial.html